Friday, September 01, 2006

Pink and Proud!!!!!!!

Today is the launch of the new, revamped, fabulous PINK HEART SOCIETY!

I'm being lazy this morning, so I'm going to post what I sent out to my groups yesterday, with a few modifications.

Friends of mine, namely Trish Wylie, Ally Blake, Natasha Oakley and Nicola Marsh, have launched the new and improved Pink Heart Society TODAY! This is a group of authors, readers, and just plain romance lovers who are proud to show that they love romance! Ally, Trish, Nic and Natasha are writers for the Harlequin Romance/Modern Extra lines. This is what’s coming tomorrow….

The Pink Heart Society is here to show we all love romance!!!! Specifically we love category romance!!! And we're not afraid to say so!!!

The Pink Heart Society members & all their friends are free to pop in here and rave about romance any time they please... So why not come join us and tell us all about you and what makes you love the books we love to read and write!!!

We have plans for Guest Bloggers/weekly updates to the Hero Database/articles/reviews/Blogs of the Week/Romance destinations/Rom-Com reviews/Romance Tips/Nominations for Shipper Shows/Competitions & Giveaways/Challenge of the Week and MUCH MUCH Guest Author appearances and a hamper giveaway every month!

If you have suggestions, would like the chance to become a reviewer (free books!!!) or are just interested in nominating hot guys & Great Movies for us to add to the Hall Of Fame then pop on by. Or join our Yahoo Group for free! You can join at

I've been over to the blog and it looks great...already there are comments from fans, authors, and even an M&B editor has popped by! I can't wait to see what they have planned for the rest of the month! Just FYI, I'm featured with my Harlequin sale story on Sept 6, which is Wednesday.

Pop over to the blog and show your support for category romance!

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