Thursday, September 07, 2006

Not Fit for Company

Look at the time of this post, people. Look at the time!

2:23 is what my computer says right now. And that's a.m. I'm up courtesy of the lovely neighbours from HELL who don't care that I exist let alone would read this blog. I'm the bitchy woman next door with no life according to them.

They woke my eldest and myself up at 12:21. Every time since that I start to drift off, they wake me up again and I finally got fed up and came out here to check e-mail rather than lay in bed and stew about it.

I'm really not fit for company. I'm tired, I'm severely PMS'd...I'm emotional, and at the point where I'm emotional enough I'd like to cry and can't. It's been, as Anne says, A Jonah Day. I wouldn't mind looking forward to tomorrow being fresh with no mistakes in it except now it IS tomorrow and I've had approximately a half-hour's sleep.

My kitchen is in shambles and I'm behind on my word count for the WIP because my edits took longer than anticipated. I was looking forward to a quiet, nice day of work tomorrow and now I'm going to be totally BAGGED.

I have yet to learn how to be a hermit, but once I figure it out the world will be a quieter, more peaceful place I am sure. Normally if I chant "Two year plan, two year plan" it gives me some sort of optimism.

But tonight I'm restless, and it holds absolutely no comfort.

I am definitely not fit for company. Will come back when in better mood.


  1. Why didn't you call the cops or something? Yes, it sounds extreme but my neighbors called the cops on me when I laughed too loud at a movie so I figure it could work for you since you actually had a reason to call them.

    Please get some sleep. You will feel better. Hopefully your oldest got a little.

  2. Big hugs, it's horrible when people are so thoughtless.

  3. Donna -- check your bylaws. I *think* most towns have a "be quiet after 11PM" type of ordinance. Because I'd certainly call the cops, too. I know, I'm getting bitchy in my old age. LOL

    And {{{{hugs}}}} just because.

  4. It's after 10 p.m. on the weekdays, but you call the cops and they show up an hour later or whatever...they don't fine, so basically they tell people to be quiet and that's it. It's not that effective...but if they do it again tonight I WILL be calling...I tried to look after it another way today that hopefully will get results.

  5. (((Donna)))I've suffered with neighbours from hell in the past, and it is the worst experience ever. Over here in the UK we tend to also involve the local Council, and they issue notices and warnings about noise pollution etc. There never is a simple solution, and there's no appealing to these types of neighbours' better nature because more often than not they don't have one.
    Can you keep a log of every incident, and maybe record the noise, to help your case?
    I hope you managed to get some sleep in the end.

  6. (((Donna))) Hope you're feeling better. Boo on the crappy neighbors. I'm sending evil thoughts their way. hehehe