Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hero Pic-Fest

I'm working on two books at once. Now, I AM focusing on one and diddling with the other when I have time or if I get stuck on the WIP and need to change things up a bit. And I'm doing planning in my head which usually ends up benefiting the writing - it tends to come out more smoothly.

THe other benefit is having two men on a string at the same time. LOL I have two heroes clamoring for attention, and I love it. Googling pictures is a difficult chore, but I've done it.

First up we have my hero from my WIP. In my book he's Mike Gardner, in the Unit he's Mack Gerhardt, and in real life he's Max Martini. In my ms, he's an ex-rodeo rider who's finally stopped running and goes into business with his best friend, my hero from Hired By The Cowboy. Now he's raising quarterhorses.

He's the toughest hero I've written. He's overprotective of the heroine, which drives her crazy. He's stubborn and quite often says one thing when he really means another. I think he's infuriatingly charming, and frequently just infuriating. :-)

There is a definite dearth of pics of Mr. Martini available for me...but I have 2 that I like. The first is a pretty good idea of what I picture my hero to look like, and the second is the exact look he's gonna have on his face when he "saves" my heroine from a pervy patron at the local watering hole.

Now we're on to hero number two. I have TONS of pics of my hero Jonas. Otherwise known as Bob Brown on The Unit,(and what a lovely show to be so obliging to pick such a great cast) or in real life, Scott Foley. Yes, Jennifer Garner's ex.

Scott Foley has the most beautiful eyes, perhaps the coolest on the planet. They even change colour. But they are golden-y green and stunning.

In THAT ms, he's a Canadian soldier come home after being wounded in Afghanistan. So, he has a permanent limp. AND, he arrives home to find that the woman he loved years before has been keeping a secret - he has a five year-old daughter.

Before I get carried away, I'll just post the pics. :-)

I was surprised at how few there are of him in uniform, but you get the idea. I even have a great one up on my pc as my wallpaper.

Gotta love heroes.


  1. Ooo.... I looooove the first one of Scott -- the black & white.

    Who needs coffee?? I'll just come to your Blog for my morning wakeup, D. ;)

  2. Hey, it's all in the name of research! Both heroes sound yummy :)