Sunday, September 03, 2006

Day Trip = Research!

With the husband out of town today, I decided the best way to beat the blues was to take the kids on a day trip.

So, we packed a picnic of juice boxes and leftover pizza, made a stop for coffee at Tim Horton's, and headed north to Sundre, Alberta.

Sundre is the nearest town to my fictional Windover Ranch in Hired By The Cowboy. You could expect a view like this from Windover:

I have been to Sundre a few times, and love it. It's a bustling but small town, full of western charm. I've wanted to visit the Pioneer Museum there for quite sometime but for one reason or another, never made it. Until today. Deb, the lady at reception, was really helpful, and answered a few questions about the town that had nothing to do with the museum itself.

I was particularly interested in the parts that were concerned with original Norwegian settlers. I gave Windover Ranch, and my hero, Connor Madsen, a history. In the history I created, Windover had been settled by his ancestors in the late 19th century, straight from Norway, and it had remained in the family ever since.

We wandered through a log cabin, a one room schoolhouse, and admired antiques and especially several stop organs, wringer washers, and the most lovely wedding gowns and shoes.

Of course, I took out my camera only to realize dh had taken the batteries out for the other camera that he took on HIS trip, and no spares were in the case. :-(. Instead, you'll have to make do with this link...and if you want to know more, just go to the home page. This is the buildings gallery.

My favourite discovery had nothing to do with research. It was a stack of old Harlequin Magazines. After a brief inspection I couldn't find any dates on them but they sold for 75 cents. :-) I asked about them and Deb, bless her, said she'd check the thrift shop to see if there were any more if I'd give her my contact info. (The thrift store is closed on Sundays).

Anyway now we're back and I'm sleepy as I was up until 12:30 working last night, but it was a lovely day.

Also congratulations to a dear friend who had her baby today, 10 days early the lucky duck!

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