Friday, September 15, 2006

A Cast-mate for Scotty

I've cast my hero for FhF - as you can tell. LOL But poor Mr. Foley was getting all lonely with only his rifle/rocket launcher for company, so I found him a heroine.

I have to thank Trish and Natasha for it. I mentioned not being able to find the right face and Trish sent me to Natasha's blog, and there she was. I hope you don't mind me borrowing her, Natasha. :-)

Now, don't they look cute together?

Otherwise, I'm happy to report chapter four did NOT suck, it just needed some tweaks, which I've done. So now to keep up with Trish's "Book with Trish" assignments, I'm off to do my character sheets for FhF.

Have a good weekend, everyone. Oh, and buy my book.


  1. GREAT casting! They're a terrific looking couple!!!!

  2. Now why do I just want to climb right on top of that couch....?

    *innocent blink*