Thursday, August 03, 2006

Things they don't tell you about selling!

I feel like Mike Wazowski from Monster's Inc.

You know, when Roz stares him down from behind the desk and growls, "Wazowski, where's your paperwork?"

Paperwork, paperwork. Right now I'm attempting to decipher a form from the IRS and I'm completely lost. It's only one page. You'd think it'd be easy. Nope.

There's lot's of things "they" don't tell you about selling. You're going to be inundated with congratulations which is the fun, surreal and coolest part. You'll be asked for a biography, a dedication. You're going to be blessed with invites to author threads, you're going to have contract questions after you've read the same paragraphs of legalese until your eyes cross. There are release forms and permissions to ask for and at times I think I'm ready for my head to explode.

I guess I wasn't prepared for all that would happen once I sold to M&B. In a very good way I suppose but sometimes my head starts reeling! LOL That being said, everyone has been really helpful and has cheerfully answered any and all of my questions. But once you sell - and be warned, all you guys submitting and waiting for THE CALL - you're going to be hit with information from all quarters!

The good news is no one expects you to know exactly what to do the first time out and no one is going to fire you. :-) And the best part is that with every task, you are reminded that you've achieved a goal you set for yourself. That feels pretty darn good!

Another author warned me that previous methods of time management would go out the window and that it can be a challenge. I can see that. I can see me having to disconnect the internet and the phone for a few hours each day so that I can focus on writing without interruption. Or setting a word count for the day and then once that's done, looking after the other "stuff". I'm sure after a short while I'll get into a groove and everything will start running smoothly!

For now I'm off to ask for some help with this darn form. I thought Revenue Canada was hard. It's got NOTHING on the IRS!


  1. Hi Donna,
    You're right, as aspiring writers we don't give much thought to what happens after 'the call', other than holding our book in our hands!

    I must admit that in all the 'how-to' books that are filling my shelves, I tend to glean over the 'business' bits.

    Thanks for the reminder that there's official business to attend to. If, oops I mean when I get the call, I'll know where to come for advice - you'll be an old hand at it by then!

    Sue :-)

  2. Well you know I thought I'd just sign the contract and get on with writing the next one. LOL

    I think it's absolutely right to forget about the "business bits". It's that thought of holding the book in our hands that keeps us going a lot of the time!

  3. Hi Donna!

    I can't wait to have the problem of dealing with the IRS/Revenue Canada, but I think I'm a long way from that yet.

    Congrats on the contract. I love seeing fellow Canadians doing well and look forward to joining that team one day.