Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I have a cover!

I have the cover for The Girl Most Likely!

It's very very cool seeing your name up on your very first cover. In celebration I've found it on the Coming Soon page for September on Samhain's site as well as on my author page there, and I've posted it on my website. I also revamped my website AGAIN, so pop over one more time and let me know how you like it! For the record I'm much happier with just seems more unified to me.

Anyway without further ado....

Oh, and I think it's very interesting that I have a nipple on my cover. :-) I'm thinking Julie Cohen might really appreciate that.


  1. LOL! Do they look like your characters?

  2. Congratulations Donna, it's such a special moment when you see your cover.

  3. I have to say even without looking at the face that the hero does. The heroine is so-so but the coloring and everything are right which is the main thing!

    I had a pic to send the cover artist of who I based the hero on, but not the heroine. It shows.

  4. Donna, love the cover!

    I bet seeing it for the first time was one of those moments you'll always remember.

  5. Oooo, hot cover, Donna! :-)

  6. Yay, Donna!! How awesome!! Is that not exciting, or what??

    W00000T! :)

  7. Love your cover Donna! Interesting you mention the nipple - I said the same thing about my first cover! "Oooh, man nipple, I love it!"

    Very exciting!

  8. You're right. I like the nipple. ;-)

    Lovely cover, babe.

  9. Donna...better late than never I suppose-HUGE CONGRATS! I've been watching your journey on the eHarl board and I'm thrilled for you. Our first Canadian gal! Wow. I know a few who'd love to follow in your footsteps. Hopefully I'll be one of em ;-)
    Love the cover and the new site looks great. (the only thing I noticed is the book cover covers the last name of your cover artist FYI) think theres enough 'covers' in that statement?
    Enjoy every second. Way to go