Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Details are UP at Samhain!

First of all, thanks to everyone here and on my various lists that offered birthday congratulations! I had a delicious cake and a treat of my favorite pizza- tropical chicken on thin crust. Yum!

So the news for today is that my blurb, etc. is up at Samhain for The Girl Most Likely. You can view it here. Heck, I read the blurb and got excited myself!

Next, congratulations to all the nominees in Cataromance's Reviewer's Choice Awards. I'd attempt to list all those authors I know who were nominated but I'd be terrified of leaving someone out! But notably I'd like to congratulate Julie Cohen for her three nominations, and my CP's Michelle Styles and Trish Wylie. The awards are handed out this Friday.

Just a reminder - you can still enter to win a copy of The Girl Most Likely. Just send an e-mail to donna@donnaalward.com with your name and your format preference (e-book or print version coming in December). Then come back on September 12 for the draw and other happy thoughts as I celebrate my first release!

As an aside....more reality! I just received my line edits courtesy of Fed Ex! When it rains....

It's more than cool seeing my book printed up with line numbers and everything.


  1. Anonymous2:41 p.m.

    Happy belated birthday, Donna! Congratulations on all your great news of late!

    All the best,
    Gail from Canada

  2. Thanks for the congratulations, and congratulations yourself on the blurb and the line edits!

    Just wait till you see the real book!