Friday, August 18, 2006

And the winners are....

OMG, I'm just bouncing with excitement.

My good friend Michelle Styles was up for a Reader's Choice Award at Cata Romance, and they were "presented" today. Now Michelle is a modest, pragmatic sort of person, and had commented that she didn't truly expect to win. Which makes me even more proud when I say she won in the M&B Historicals Category!

This is all the more sweet because it's the first historical M&B have published in the Roman time period. I'm just so proud and excited for her, and that others obviously have such good taste in authors!

Also in the M&B categories, Liz Fielding won in the Tender category, Kate Walker in the Modern/Presents category, Kate Hardy in the Medicals, and I'm so happy that another debut author and friend took the award for the Modern Extra line - Julie Cohen!

What a fantastic way to end a week.

I have paltry news to add, except that I had 2 compliments today from 2 separate editors that made me feel good about myself and made a great day even better.


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  1. Hey, Donna, don't short-change yourself on those editor compliments! Those are GOLD, my dear! Pure gold!

    And great going on all those winners! I like seeing all those familiar names!