Thursday, July 06, 2006

Confession Time


SOMEONE (and I have an idea who, LOL) let it slip to lovely editor that I was also working on a ModX. *taps fingernails and stares towards the Atlantic* LOL I didn't mention it in my e-mail to her yesterday as I thought she would want me to focus on the Romance line. Then she e-mailed me today and asked about it. :-) I've been caught!

Actually, it's ok. At least that project is 3/4 finished the first draft, it'll come in short but I know it'll be not much problem to add 10k during edits. My biggest concern is flow and pacing simply because I've had to stop and start this ms so many times for requests and edits. I know, cry me a river. And I'm really not complaining. It's a wonderful reason to be busy! Although lately I feel like I'm constantly trying to keep up and I keep slipping behind little by little...

As most of you know, the Modern Extra was a bit of an experiment. It's a new line, unfortunately one I don't have easy access to, so I've only read a few. It stretched my writing legs a lot and *most* of the time it's been fun to write. So at this point I think the best thing to do is let the professionals be the judge as to whether I'm a fit or not.

And also put together the proposal for the new WIP....I found a heroine model yesterday too. Thankfully the pic is black and white. My heroine has green eyes, this lady has brown but everything else is just perfect. She's exotic and dreamy looking. I'll post a picture later.

For now I'm off. :-) And a big wave to my CP's Michelle and Trish who have put up with me using them as a sounding board almost daily for the last four months, since things really started moving. You guys are awesome.


  1. sue child12:02 p.m.

    Woohoo Donna :-)

  2. You're on a roll, woman.

    So, so cool!!!! :)

  3. Way to go, Donna!!! You just have to be SO close!

    Didn't you get a request for the full on your ModX already? Or is this a different ModX wip that is 3/4 done?

    So exciting!

  4. Nope, this is the only ModX I've tried. I was waiting to hear back on TBB before I subbed anything more to Richmond.

    Honestly, the 3 3/4 books that I've penned since last May have been keeping me far too busy, as stuff keeps happening with them. It'll be a relief to get a lot of the business with them resolved so I can write something fresh and new! I feel I'm getting a little rusty at that...

  5. Way to go, Donna! This is so exciting!!

  6. DONNA!!!! This is so great!!!