Thursday, June 22, 2006

Their Song

I heard a song yesterday. I heard it and started crying. Why you may ask?

I've got a story in my head - my next novel for Samhain - and when I heard this song it simply became Their Song.

Writers are a weird lot. We're probably the only ones who have a "song" for people completely in our own imagination.

Without giving a whole lot away, my hero is ex-Canadian Military, wounded in Afghanistan. And my heroine is the sister of the heroine in Almost A Family, with a five-year old daughter. A daughter he never knew he had.

Until now.

The song, FYI and if you want to find it to listen, is Far Away by Nickleback. I love Chad and the boys and listen to a lot of their songs (plus their good Alberta boys, so what's not to love?). Hey Chad, if you're around, why don't you pop in and say hi so I can say a big thanks?


On the word count front - another 1300 words last night in about an hour. I put music on the earbuds and got my hero horribly drunk, and then severely hung over, and then the heroine showed up to confront him about lying.

Torture just sorta writes itself, you know?

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