Thursday, June 08, 2006

Quandary, Part 2

The quandary is over.

I didn't take the job. For better or for worse, I'm a full-time writer next year.

I was sneaky though, I'm also their number one sub to call if someone's away or ill so I stay in the system in case I have some "What was I thinking!" moments and realize I could use a part time job. Once you are in the staffing system, it's SO much easier!

In other news, our next door neighbours either adopted a full-grown mutt last weekend or they are looking after one for friends, but it's a howler. It's raining outside and the poor thing is annoying the crap out of my by howling constantly. We've had the fan on at night so I can only hope that they take him in and that's why I haven't heard him over the last week. Because if they don't take him in at night, and we DON'T have the fan on tonight, we are going to have a problem.


Aren't I cheerful?

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  1. Donna~Here's hoping you won't NEED to have any "what was I thinking?" moments. You're writing's going to take off and you won't even miss that silly school job. ;-)