Monday, June 19, 2006

On Being a Bad Girl

Julie Cohen is flipping brilliant.

I finally got HALF of my shipment of books from M&B, which annoys me to no end because I wanted to read FEATURED ATTRACTION first and also Kelly Hunter's WIFE FOR A WEEK. But luckily for the authors and unluckily for me, they were both SOLD OUT by the time my order went through. I have to console myself with Oz in BEING A BAD GIRL, and also my CP Michelle Styles' first M&B release, GLADIATOR'S HONOUR. Which is very exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I started on BABG on the weekend. I WISH I could have read it all. But I critiqued chapters, sent my full to M&B, had a bbq to go to on Saturday, had friends over yesterday afternoon and for I'm about half through. And NOW, I understand what all the fuss was about Oz.

This book is AMAZING. Reading it as a writer, I can't believe the craft that has gone into it. The husband looked at me and I said, "I should just turf the ModX I'm writing right now. I can't compete with this!"

Julie, you are amazing. Knowing you, and now reading you, just makes me more in awe of you. The balance of deep, deep emotion and basic horniness is astounding. :-) I don't know how you did it...I just wish I could find a way to manage it. Maybe in another decade I might come close.

Congrats and here's some cyber champagne to say "Cheers. Here's to many many more sold out books. You've SO earned it."


  1. Lovely, Donna! I think Julie should have "the balance of deep, deep emotion and basic horniness" as her website tagline... :) :) Jess x

  2. I agree w/ Jessica - great tagline for Julie to use! lol

    BABG was a wonderful book. All of Julie's books have been wonderful.

  3. Julie's books are great!

  4. Donna - I had the same revelation when reading that book - an astounding sense of inadequacy! LOL
    The book, and Oz, were brilliant. Their first meeting/kiss is now tied for my favorite first meeing ever! :)

    Good luck with your full at M&B!

  5. Oh, wow. Thank you!

    I really do want to use that tagline...