Monday, June 26, 2006

My Body says NO!

I've had laryngitis twice in my life. Both times I've been very tired and very stressed. This is one of those times.

I should be getting better soon, though, because my revisions are almost finished after working on them this weekend, this is the last week of school too so after Friday there's no more work for me! And despite the pressure I feel to finish mss and do research, the laryngitis and coughing has shown me that I need a break and darn it I'm going to take it.

I'm critiquing some chapters for my cp this week. What I have on my MX is with my other CP for a flogging. I am not going to worry about working on anything else until after the weekend. I need a rest. I'm getting my hair cut I hope. A brow wax. Reading The Gladiator's Honour FINALLY. Taking the kidlets to the park and playing in the wading pool.

But for today I'm taking green tea with me to work. It seems to help my throat a lot. And I'll be whispering to the kindergarten class which should be fun.


  1. Hope you feel better soon, Donna!

  2. Hope the voice comes back soon. Good luck on the revisions!

  3. Feel better soon, hun. And best of luck whispering to the kindergarten class. ;-)

    And I know you said you would, but...Get some REST! :-)