Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day and why husbands are great

Today is father's day. My husband comes in mighty handy at times.

Like Friday, when he was off and had the house cleaned and supper going when I got home from work.

Like last night when he stayed home with the kids and I went out.

And when I have a writing crisis.

I have been feeling very pushed lately. I'm working - which has been a huge blessing - and a bit of a curse, to be honest. And I think my problem is that I put pressure on myself because I don't want to miss an opportunity. Success happens when preparation meets opportunity. So, I wanna be like the goat in Hoodwinked - "I was prepared!" LOL

I was prepared for my full request on Friday. But I am not going to make my self-imposed deadline for my Mod X, I don't think. Then there's research...and another round of edits for my September release...and the new book that I want to have done by September....and then I should think of writing something new for the Romance line in case of whatever happens with Windover/TBB....

So the husband gave me a talking to. Is anyone banging down my door demanding these things be done on THIS particular schedule? NO. Other than the edits my editor will be sending me for my releases, none of these things is contractual. SO his advice is SETTLE DOWN and give yourself a break! Once the kids are back in school in August, my time will change a lot. So for now, just "do what you can" and not be so hard on yourself, he says.

And don't tell him I said this, but....

He's right.

So this is me. Settling down.


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