Tuesday, June 20, 2006


It's harder than back cover blurbs. It's harder than tag lines...it's....coming up with your author bio.

I had to do mine yesterday since you can now do an author search for me on Samhain. When it comes up, there's just my name and release details, so it was time to send in a short bio.

First of all, writing in the third person about yourself is very, very weird.

Then, what do you say? You sure don't see yourself as others see you. And how much personal info to you really want to include? My dh said he'd write one for me. He did, and it was very, very sweet. I did take elements of it and use them in my final draft.

Once it's up I'll post a link and you can go read it and tell me what you think.

Oh. And no additions to the word count last night. After agonizing over the bio, I called the rest of the evening "research" and finished Julie's Being a Bad Girl. What a fabulous read....definitely one for my keeper shelf! Tonight I definitely have to get back to the WIP though.


  1. LOL... Writing about oneself is NOT easy. I find when I try, I usually end up writing about the other people in my life, like my hubby or thinks-he's-human dog. Of course you wouldn't be writing fiction if bios were your specialty.

    Good luck!

  2. Ahh..writing a bio is soooo difficult. And using the third person is bizarre though you do have to. Only the Queen uses the third person (actually she doesn't!). But how cool to be doing it Donna ..it's what we only dream about before The call happens.

  3. I just had to write one myself and it was very very difficult. I went to other people's websites and read their bios. Got inspired by them.

    Still felt weird though...