Wednesday, June 28, 2006

An Unfinished Life

I will admit to having waited an AWFULLY long time to see this film, but it was worth it.

I wanted to watch because I LOVE Damian Lewis. The release date got pushed back and back and back, then it only came out briefly in, it seemed, a limited number of theatres. But I watched it last night and I thought it was brilliantly written and for the most part, acted.

The weak link for me? Jennifer Lopez. This was probably a really good performance for her. The problem is I just don't like her acting. When I look at her I only see Jennifer Lopez if that makes sense. Josh Lucas is also very hot but his role almost seemed like an add-in. I haven't read the book so I don't know if his character was in the original or not. Since the Spragg's wrote the book AND the screenplay to my knowledge, I would think he WAS in it. But that perhaps his character was scaled down for the movie. Camryn Manheim played a tough, yet softhearted restaurant owner, very likeable.

By far the strongest part of the movie was the writing. The word here is LAYERS. There were so many layers operating in this film, handled with a skilled hand by director Lasse Halstrom. Each character was so well rounded, so in depth without beating us over the head with details. I could learn a thing or two about revealing characters through their actions. The symbolism of the bear, the monument to Griffin, were both handled so beautifully. The relationship between Mitch and Einer was long and deep after years of friendship and knowing each other as well as they knew themselves, or better even. Morgan Freeman and Robert Redford were superb. And, forgive me for forgetting the girl's name who played Griff, but she was amazing. Watching her relationship with her grandfather grow, watching him change because of her, was stunning.

And Damian Lewis was great as the villian. He played Jean's (JLO) abusive boyfriend. He is so good at creeping you out, smiling sincerely at one moment and then turning on you with the lightning fast snap of a rattlesnake. I even saw the Soames Forsyte sneer once when Jean said something particularly nasty. He was a great casting choice, but boy I'd love to see him as a hero again rather than a villain. From what I've heard Keane is Brilliant but again he doesn't play a straight up - and - up hero.

Damian needs another Dick Winters role. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

Finally, I have to say that despite the depth and emotionalism of Brokeback, I think I'd take this film over that. If for nothing more than the brilliant performance of Redford and the LOL moments that happened despite the sober content and themes.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

For Better or Worse....

I've e-mailed my revisions.

Right after I hit the "send" button, I panicked. I physically felt nauseous. Did I do things right? Did I make the changes she suggested in the right way? Did I do enough?

I went to bed. I flipped and flopped, trying desperately not to cough. Someone was either hammering or had a very sick bike revving in the back alley. I felt the stirrings of a panic attack. I got up and tried the couch. Nothing. I critiqued 3 chapters for my CP. I checked messages.

Please God, don't let this go on indefinitely.

At some point I'll give in and sleep. Just probably not tonight.

Remind me to blog at some other time when I'm not stressed or panicking, about how I actually ENJOYED doing these revisions. How it was exciting to see my book grow with the changes I made. Yeah, that's it. Funny how it doesn't seem like much fun RIGHT NOW. :-)

Monday, June 26, 2006

My Body says NO!

I've had laryngitis twice in my life. Both times I've been very tired and very stressed. This is one of those times.

I should be getting better soon, though, because my revisions are almost finished after working on them this weekend, this is the last week of school too so after Friday there's no more work for me! And despite the pressure I feel to finish mss and do research, the laryngitis and coughing has shown me that I need a break and darn it I'm going to take it.

I'm critiquing some chapters for my cp this week. What I have on my MX is with my other CP for a flogging. I am not going to worry about working on anything else until after the weekend. I need a rest. I'm getting my hair cut I hope. A brow wax. Reading The Gladiator's Honour FINALLY. Taking the kidlets to the park and playing in the wading pool.

But for today I'm taking green tea with me to work. It seems to help my throat a lot. And I'll be whispering to the kindergarten class which should be fun.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Thanks. Cough. And a link.

Wanted to post a quick note to say THANK YOU to all of you who offered your congrats on the request. It's just so lovely to have such a support structure out there!

I made it through the whole school year without picking up a single bug. Until yesterday. I have a cold and feel rotten, very blah and my throat is sore and I keep coughing. It might just be my body's way of saying, "Hah! And you thought you could work, write at night and be Superwoman. I'll show you!"

Superwoman I am not. After these revisions are sent, and school is out, I'm spending a day or two with good books, dvd's, and my fuzzy teddy bear blanket. I feel a girlie night with my daughters may be in order. :-)

Just FYI, my bio is up on Samhain's site today. If you want a peek you can see it RIGHT HERE.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Another Step Closer!!!!!

I got the BEST news today!

I e-mailed my ms to the requesting editor at M&B on Friday night.

I was expecting to hear sometime around SEPTEMBER.

In my inbox today sits a request for revisions!!!!!!! Five pages of them.

I am bouncing off the walls like Flubber. It's my first revision request!!! Everything today has exclamation points! Right now I'm choosing to ignore the flaws that will cause a full-on panic and am instead revelling in the wonderful things said about my story and writing. I can't handle reality just yet...I need to let the letter sit, percolate; I need to wind down, think about what she's asking and decide how I'm going to tackle it. Because people, I've gotta do this RIGHT.

I guess the word count on the WIP is going to sit still AGAIN....oh well...when stuff happens, it REALLY seems to happen!

I'm popping some cyber champagne to share with you all...this whole journey has sure gotten interesting the last few months...and I'm glad you've been here with me! It's ever so much better than talking to myself....



Their Song

I heard a song yesterday. I heard it and started crying. Why you may ask?

I've got a story in my head - my next novel for Samhain - and when I heard this song it simply became Their Song.

Writers are a weird lot. We're probably the only ones who have a "song" for people completely in our own imagination.

Without giving a whole lot away, my hero is ex-Canadian Military, wounded in Afghanistan. And my heroine is the sister of the heroine in Almost A Family, with a five-year old daughter. A daughter he never knew he had.

Until now.

The song, FYI and if you want to find it to listen, is Far Away by Nickleback. I love Chad and the boys and listen to a lot of their songs (plus their good Alberta boys, so what's not to love?). Hey Chad, if you're around, why don't you pop in and say hi so I can say a big thanks?


On the word count front - another 1300 words last night in about an hour. I put music on the earbuds and got my hero horribly drunk, and then severely hung over, and then the heroine showed up to confront him about lying.

Torture just sorta writes itself, you know?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


It's harder than back cover blurbs. It's harder than tag's....coming up with your author bio.

I had to do mine yesterday since you can now do an author search for me on Samhain. When it comes up, there's just my name and release details, so it was time to send in a short bio.

First of all, writing in the third person about yourself is very, very weird.

Then, what do you say? You sure don't see yourself as others see you. And how much personal info to you really want to include? My dh said he'd write one for me. He did, and it was very, very sweet. I did take elements of it and use them in my final draft.

Once it's up I'll post a link and you can go read it and tell me what you think.

Oh. And no additions to the word count last night. After agonizing over the bio, I called the rest of the evening "research" and finished Julie's Being a Bad Girl. What a fabulous read....definitely one for my keeper shelf! Tonight I definitely have to get back to the WIP though.

Monday, June 19, 2006

On Being a Bad Girl

Julie Cohen is flipping brilliant.

I finally got HALF of my shipment of books from M&B, which annoys me to no end because I wanted to read FEATURED ATTRACTION first and also Kelly Hunter's WIFE FOR A WEEK. But luckily for the authors and unluckily for me, they were both SOLD OUT by the time my order went through. I have to console myself with Oz in BEING A BAD GIRL, and also my CP Michelle Styles' first M&B release, GLADIATOR'S HONOUR. Which is very exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I started on BABG on the weekend. I WISH I could have read it all. But I critiqued chapters, sent my full to M&B, had a bbq to go to on Saturday, had friends over yesterday afternoon and for I'm about half through. And NOW, I understand what all the fuss was about Oz.

This book is AMAZING. Reading it as a writer, I can't believe the craft that has gone into it. The husband looked at me and I said, "I should just turf the ModX I'm writing right now. I can't compete with this!"

Julie, you are amazing. Knowing you, and now reading you, just makes me more in awe of you. The balance of deep, deep emotion and basic horniness is astounding. :-) I don't know how you did it...I just wish I could find a way to manage it. Maybe in another decade I might come close.

Congrats and here's some cyber champagne to say "Cheers. Here's to many many more sold out books. You've SO earned it."

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day and why husbands are great

Today is father's day. My husband comes in mighty handy at times.

Like Friday, when he was off and had the house cleaned and supper going when I got home from work.

Like last night when he stayed home with the kids and I went out.

And when I have a writing crisis.

I have been feeling very pushed lately. I'm working - which has been a huge blessing - and a bit of a curse, to be honest. And I think my problem is that I put pressure on myself because I don't want to miss an opportunity. Success happens when preparation meets opportunity. So, I wanna be like the goat in Hoodwinked - "I was prepared!" LOL

I was prepared for my full request on Friday. But I am not going to make my self-imposed deadline for my Mod X, I don't think. Then there's research...and another round of edits for my September release...and the new book that I want to have done by September....and then I should think of writing something new for the Romance line in case of whatever happens with Windover/TBB....

So the husband gave me a talking to. Is anyone banging down my door demanding these things be done on THIS particular schedule? NO. Other than the edits my editor will be sending me for my releases, none of these things is contractual. SO his advice is SETTLE DOWN and give yourself a break! Once the kids are back in school in August, my time will change a lot. So for now, just "do what you can" and not be so hard on yourself, he says.

And don't tell him I said this, but....

He's right.

So this is me. Settling down.


Friday, June 16, 2006


I got a request for The Baby Bargain!

I was happy to see the name on the letter, because she's the editor that gave me my last rejection from M&B, and she gave me great feedback. Because things go in the rota there, I wasn't sure who would get it. The initials on my confirmation letter ceased to matter when that editor left for another job. So I'm especially chuffed to have the same editor looking at it.

I'm bouncing off the walls and dancing on the ceiling, so in honour of a splendid day and because Kris has recently understood my obsession, take a look at the smiles on this guy. I LOVE the way he smiles.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Oh! the irony...

I can't believe I forgot this.

In the upcoming WIP, my heroine's name is Kim. It's a linked story to one Samhain has already bought, so her name IS Kim and shall REMAIN Kim.

My new hero model is Scott Foley. He plays Bob on The Unit.

Bob's wife's name on The Unit??? Kim.

Doy. How did I manage that?

Just for the record I had no idea who was going to be my hero model, or even that I was going to write this story, when I named my heroine's sister KIM. :-)

Oh, and just because this just became available to me - another TV Guide piccie- enlarge it and read the print stuff. You'll fall in love too. :-)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Sexiest Men on TV

Yes, 2 posts in one day, people. I was bombarded with images today. First on the Jamie Bamber website/forum, a pic of him in tv guide was posted. Then, Trish puts up my pic of Scott Foley as my new hero.

So, an old obsession and a new. I told Trish not to remind me of the new hero - I won't be able to get to him for another month and the story is really shaping up in my mind!

So, both of these pictures are from this month's TV Guide and their "Sexiest Men on TV" feature. As for the other men? You can go here to see them.

Without further ado: Jamie Bamber and Scott Foley.

The Source of Headaches

I've figured out the source of my headaches. Fatigue, plain and simple.

Monday I had a horrible headache. I knew I was tired - I'd worked AND played hard on the weekend, and was back to work - but thought that perhaps it was a weather change or a late spring cold to blame.

Monday night I slept like a log. Pause. What does a log sleep like? And I never understood the "sleep like a baby" thing. Babies don't sleep soundly for hour and hours!!! They sleep for three hours and then wake up screaming to be fed, or have to burp, or whatever....dumb sayings.... Ahem. Sorry about that. Anyway I slept great, but by last night the headache was sneaking back, subtly. Looking at what I accomplished yesterday, yeah, it makes sense.

Today the big head's back. And the common denominator is that I'm tired. At midnight last night I was awakened most rudely by Mother Nature who thought it would be a good idea to produce copious amounts of lightning, thunder, rain and hail. It sounded like someone was running back and forth over the roof. Not only that but it lasted over 4 HOURS! So seriouly tired here today.

The good news is, at least I'm seeing results from my hard work. I'm averaging 2 k a night on the WIP and I AM working which means I'll get a nice paycheck next Tuesday.

Monday, June 12, 2006


I'm feeling a little old but in a very good way today.

I just got news I'm going to be a great-aunt.

My nephew, who is only 8 years younger than me, and his wife, are expecting a bundle in February apparently. This feels very strange to me because I remember babysitting him when I was a teenager. I have pictures of him naked in a baby tub. I remember the day he was born - I was in third grade, and very proud to be an auntie!

Congratulations Matt and Becky!

The Gay Cowboy Movie

Saturday night I watched Brokeback Mountain. If you don't want to be spoiled for this movie, stop reading now because I'll be talking about the plot and characters in depth.

In the bonus materials there were lots of "making of" little segments. And in one, Michelle Williams says that there's always something more behind that sort of stereotype. To simply call it the Gay Cowboy Movie really does do it a disservice.

I'm not gay and don't plan to be any time soon, nor do I have any close gay friends. And to be honest, the few REALLY physical scenes did give me a few moments of "well, um, ok". But there were only a couple of those scenes, the rest were kisses or just touches.

In order to see the beauty of Brokeback, you need to shelve all that and really really look at the big picture.

Number one on the list - the scenery. When they panned the highway shot through the mountains, I just felt HOME. Now I grew up in New Brunswick and moved to Alberta 10 years ago. But I love being so close to the mountains. The initial part of the movie that was set up on Brokeback was visually just stunning.

Number two, what was this movie really about?

Was it about two cowboys and their love affair? Well, yes, simply put. But it was more about loving someone who you don't want to love. Who you shouldn't love. Who you can't help but love but have to do it in private.

It's about struggling to live a lie when in your heart you're dying inside. And this struggle seemed so much harder for Innes than it did for Jack. It's about feeling something that goes against everything you've been raised to believe. When Innes says that he and Jack can't possibly have a ranch somewhere together, it's because of what his father showed him when he was a boy. And in the end he's right, because after he and Jack "break up", and Jack decides that he's going to move on, the exact same thing happens to him.

I cried for probably the last half hour of the movie. Which brings me to my one big gripe.

I should have known that an Academy winner couldn't possibly have a happy ending. I'm not sure why unhappy endings are considered "artistic", but I hate it.

I hate that the last words they had were ending their relationship.

I hate that they never had the chance to reconcile. I hate that Jack died. I hate that his wife lied about how he died and that he got gay bashed. When Innes goes to Jacks' folk's place and sees the shirt, the one he thought he left up on the mountain, my heart just broke for him. I pretty much lost it at that I also realized that this was the end of the line. There would be no reconciliation.

You know, that's why I love writing what I do. I'm hooked on happily ever after and I'm fully ok with that expectation. Call me a sap but in a book or movie, or life, for that matter, if you torture your characters that much they at least deserve to ride into the sunset or whatever. I want to be left with a sense of hope and optimism, that satisfying feeling that everything is right with the world. Yeah, maybe those other books and movies make you THINK a lot, but I want to FEEL. And when I feel, I want it to be good feelings.

In other news, I finished one of my research books yesterday, one on Canadian Peacekeepers. Now I'm reading "Friendly Fire: The Untold Story of the US Bombing that Killed Four Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan". It is non-fiction, so far looks pretty unbiased, and is simply gripping. Good thing because it's also LONG!

Friday, June 09, 2006

A great night

I had a great writing night last night. I put on my mp3 player, sat at the laptop for 2 hours and hammered out close to 2500 words!

I haven't written with music for a while, so that may have helped get me in the "zone". I don't think it hurt that I was working on a sex scene either. Things tend to move pretty quickly there.

If I can manage around 1500 tonight, that'll give me over 6k this week. Which is a pretty decent pace! Especially since I've critiqued 9 chapters this week as well.

The downside to writing so well at night is that then I sleep like crap. I think I engage my brain and then I can seem to shift it down into neutral (or park). LOL I don't feel too bad this morning though so I won't complain.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Quandary, Part 2

The quandary is over.

I didn't take the job. For better or for worse, I'm a full-time writer next year.

I was sneaky though, I'm also their number one sub to call if someone's away or ill so I stay in the system in case I have some "What was I thinking!" moments and realize I could use a part time job. Once you are in the staffing system, it's SO much easier!

In other news, our next door neighbours either adopted a full-grown mutt last weekend or they are looking after one for friends, but it's a howler. It's raining outside and the poor thing is annoying the crap out of my by howling constantly. We've had the fan on at night so I can only hope that they take him in and that's why I haven't heard him over the last week. Because if they don't take him in at night, and we DON'T have the fan on tonight, we are going to have a problem.


Aren't I cheerful?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Oh, How Far We've Come

I just had to start the day with a picture. I just sneezed, I've got cramps, I'm tired, and the coffee tastes SO good this morning.

Ok. So back to the awaited post on how far we've come.

Julie Cohen blogged a few days ago and posted a bit of her first edition of "Delicious" vs. her final version. Delicious was written and rejected, and then Julie wrote several other manuscripts before going back and rewriting it. I think she was very brave to post a first attempt, so I'm going to borrow a bit of her bravery.

When I wrote my first book, I thought I knew everything and in reality I knew nothing. I had no plan, hadn't developed characters, didn't know the "rules" in first chapter openings, nothing. I didn't know the terms Black Moment, internal conflict, or sexual tension.

And boy did it show.

Some are fortunate enough to have the instincts--and the talent, for that matter, to strike gold very quickly. For others, like me, the learning curve is a lot longer. When I sold The Girl Most Likely to Samhain, I'd been writing and submitting for almost exactly 4 1/2 years. TGML was, I think, my eighth manuscript.

I'm going to post my own horrid example, and then one more recent.

She didn’t hear the car turn up the drive. Katie was sitting in her room, soft piano music playing on her stereo as she gazed outside dreamily. She loved days like this, warm and soft, with the wind whispering through the leaves of the maple trees, the grass a vibrant, rich green, her mother’s shrubs and gardens groomed to perfection. There was something incredibly perfect about it all, and as the music caressed her ears, Katie felt a great level of satisfaction with life in general.
She sat with the windows wide open, looking out over the neighbor’s lawn. Mr. Barkley was pushing a mower around and around, and the drone of the motor carried on the breeze to her. Her bedroom was light and airy, a collection of white wicker furniture - a bed, covered with a pink and green flowered spread, a double papasan, a rocking chair, and a double dresser with a large mirror. She loved her room. During high school and now in university it was her escape – a haven to study and dream and plan in. When she had moved into it her mother had given her free reign with the decor and it had remained the same for the past seven years.
A knock at the back door startled her. They weren’t expecting any company today, and most of her friends were working. Taking the stairs at a half gallop, she reached the back door in record time, stopping only for a moment to smooth the curly brown hair back from her face and straighten her tank top. Then she peered around the corner at the door.


Now from The Girl Most Likely:

Katie wiped her sweating hands on her skirt, lifted her hand to knock on the dark wooden door, and drew it back.
For the third time.
Why was she afraid of seeing Richard Emerson again? They hadn’t seen each other since high school. Surely they’d both grown up enough to leave unpleasantness behind. But the stakes were higher now, at least for her. Richard was her last chance, as far as she could tell. She’d been standing before his office door for five full minutes and had yet to garner the courage to knock.
Before she could chicken out once more, she took a deep breath, rapped on the closed door three times, and stood back. She tugged at her navy skirt and matching jacket, hoping she looked professional.
“Come in,” a deep voice intoned, and she turned the knob. It was slippery in her palm and she exhaled, trying, but failing to calm the nerves bouncing around in the pit of her stomach.

At least with this example, there are questions. What unpleasantness did they leave behind? What has brought her to the door after all this time, why does she care if she looks professional?

And a final example, from a sub that I have with M&B at the moment:

“Miss? Wake up. Can you hear me?”
The deep voice came first, then Alex’s vision gradually started to clear.
“Oh thank God. Are you all right?”
Alex’s eyes followed the sound of the voice as she looked up, dazed. Trying hard to focus, she found herself staring into the most beautiful set of brown eyes she’d ever seen. They were stunning, dark brown with golden flecks throughout, large and thickly lashed.
Men shouldn’t have eyes that pretty, she thought irrationally, realizing with a jolt that she was captured in the arms of the eyes’ owner.
“Oh, damn!”
The eyes crinkled at the corners at her classless exclamation and she felt his hands on her arm and behind her back, helping her to rise.
“Slowly now. You fainted.”
Really? I hadn’t noticed. I was too busy being unconscious. She bit back the snarky retort when she saw the genuine concern in his eyes. He even made sure she was standing firmly on her feet before releasing her—and then stayed close, as if he didn’t quite trust her to remain steady.
He would have fainted too, in her condition and with this heat…and the lack of air conditioning in the convenience store hadn’t helped much either.

First chapter rule: throw your characters right into the action. My favorite way to do this is to start with dialogue.

And incidentally, the last example is my favorite book to date. And it is very much like Julie's "Delicious". I wrote a previous incarnation long ago. When I went back to revisit it I knew I had to start from scratch. And the new version is so much better. It has voice. It has triple the emotion I think. Sometimes it takes a long time, but baby, we've come a long way!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Right after I posted my last entry, I got an e-mail. I wasn't going to post what it said as it's still termed "tentative" but I think it's ok.

I have tentative release dates for The Girl Most Likely and Almost a Family!

Better than that, being the nerd that I am, I went to Samhain's "Coming Soon" page, and there I am! Sans cover as yet, but that's ok. My title, name, ISBN number and release date are there, so I think it's pretty safe to shout from the rooftops that my very first book is coming out SEPTEMBER 12!

THe second is slated for just after the new year.

Now I have a timeline and I can panic freely that I won't sell any books and they'll never buy another manuscript again.


I was going to blog on "Oh how far we've come" today, but something else came up.

First of all I wrote 1700 words last night. At least half of them are crap, but they're there. I think I just need to keep going and find my groove again. That's the problem with stopping in the middle of an ms to do pesky things like edits, etc. You lose your momentum. But progress is progress. And I'm panicking because I don't think I have a hope in hell of making the 60k word count required for ModX.

That's not my quandary though.

I was pretty sure I wouldn't have a job next year, I was the last one hired and as such, the last one to be brought back. My plan was to stay on as a sub, so if one of the other ladies got sick they could call and I could do a few days here and there. However the AP called yesterday after I got home and offered me my job for another year.

I like my job and I love the kids. I like the regular paycheque, small as it is. BUT, in my heart I want to stay home and write. I don't want to be doing all the running like I have this year. I don't want to end up doing a bunch of work at night because my day has been too busy (and I'm a much better morning writer when I'm fresh). I'm tired of my house looking just 'eh'.

I want to turn it down, but I'm having a hard time justifying it to myself. My contract doesn't pay much, but it IS regular and it does give us something extra. It's also the first financial contribution I've made in 8 years. Not taking the job seems to be assuming that I'm going to sell more books, but there's no guarantee of that. (Especially considering the drivel that came out of me last night)

I'll keep you posted.

Monday, June 05, 2006

And for your viewing pleasure...

My new hero. Make the eyes brown instead of green, and this is him. In the story he'll have a permanent limp. :-)

Guest Blogging again

I'm guest blogging on Rene Lyon's blog again today. I posted a bit about renewed inspiration and heroes. I'm still working on the WIP for ModX, but am planning a lot in my mind about my next project. I now have a hero "template" if you will. And the heroine was set up in the second book that Samhain bought, Almost a Family. So I have a good headstart on my characterization. If you want to hear how this happened, you can pop by her blog HERE.

I have 20 writing days to meet my self-imposed deadline of finishing this ModX, and I have approx. 30k left to write. That's on average 1500 words a day - and my writing time is sitting at about 2 hours a day.

I'm gonna have to motor. BIG TIME.

It's been so long since I wrote on it I'm not sure I remember how that word counter thingy works. LOL But keep your eye on it. It's about to get moving!

Tomorrow's blog: OH, HOW FAR WE'VE COME!

Saturday, June 03, 2006


This is quick it's almost midnight on Friday night but I finished my "edits" on TBB which means that I have the weekend off and Monday I can actually work on something NEW!!!!!!!!!!

It's been over 2 months, people. 2 months of editing. YEGADS.

If you're my editor and you're reading this, could you wait until at least Tuesday to send more edits? I'd like to live the fantasy for one day....

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The missing post!

I posted today with one of those silly blog things....which new Battlestar Galactica character are you! In order to get it to fit right in my blog frame, I tinkered with it and as a result screwed up the html and now it's sitting in permanent draft form. LOL Julie must have managed to get in before I changed it because she turned up as Starbuck. I was Apollo. LOL Maybe now Julie and I should alternately love and hate each other!!!!!!

Also, just to keep me humble, I got an agent R yesterday. LOL. I'm not too worried about it as I don't NEED to have an agent.

Otherwise, no news is good news. I guess.