Monday, May 01, 2006

Time Management

Things are really heating up. And I have noticed that when I have too many things on the go, I need to focus big time. So my life is now reduced to lists. A list for the weekend. A list for each day. Sounds anal, I know. But I work better that way. I certainly get more accomplished.

For the next few weeks, my writing time is going to be in the evening. Which sucks because it's playoffs! (GO FLAMES GO!) But somehow I'll manage. The important thing is to write every day. I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't hammer out 10k a week. Or even 5k. As long as I make progress, and add to my WIP a little each day, that's going to be ok. Because the only person putting pressure on me right now is myself. Well, maybe my CP but what can she really do about it? She's in Ireland (slave driver!). :-) Unless something pops up in the next little bit, there's no huge rush for anything. And once the next two weeks are over, things will calm down considerably.

Last night I finished chapter six on my WIP and sent three chapters away for a critique. If I can finish chapter 7 and 8 (and I already have 8 pages ready for one of those in the form of a sex scene) this week then I'll be more than happy.

For now I'm off to eat breakfast and do the school run. But now I can cross "update blog" off my list!


  1. Slave Driver??? Moi???

    POT - KETTLE - yoo-hoo!!!