Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I've begun doing research for my next book for Samhain.

Yesterday my amazon order came and even though it's not on my "agenda" yet I cracked one of the books and started reading. I started with the small one: "Canadian Peacekeepers - Ten Stories of Valour in War-Torn Countries". Each story has a foreword of sorts, explaining the political situation in the area, then launching into the individual story. It's really good, and better, easy to read.

The second books is THICK. But even my husband said it looked really good and he, a non-reader, may tackle it. It's called "Friendly Fire" and is about the friendly fire incident where Canadian soldiers were killed by fire from a US jet in Afghanistan.

My hero is ex-military after serving in Afghanistan. I'm not sure but he may just have been a sniper flushing out Taliban. The military aspect will have to remain in the background but I'm reading a lot because who he is - and why he is the way he is - is crucial. And this is something I have to get right. Our soldiers out there deserve for me to get this right instead of just fluffing it. I have to say, I've only just started but it's really interesting reading!

I heard from my editor today. She's got my first round and will get the second round to me as soon as she can. :-) Until then I will just keep plugging away! I made a lot of headway on the website last night. I have a meeting tonight but hopefully not a very long one. It's also my last of the year. I think perhaps I've posted that a lot lately but I'm excited about that fact! LOL Once I get home I hope I have time to work on the laptop again, because on Friday the plan is to get this baby online. Stay tuned for my web address!

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