Monday, May 15, 2006


The title of this post is taken from the Jeopardy category of the same - which means it'll contain a bit of everything.

Was in the middle of edits last night when the phone rang. It was my babysitter's mom. My babysitter, "K", had collapsed about 6 min from where I live and the ambulance was on scene, but her mom was 20-25 min away. I hopped in the van and went to the scene, got the car keys for K's car and followed the ambulance to the hospital. Then I went back to where she'd left her car, met her mom and stepdad so they could get the car and then her mom could go on to the hospital. So even though she's not reading this, get well soon K!

Before I get into the rest, today you should pop over to Michelle's blog. There is a link to an article in the Times about a course on writing for M&B. I'm hoping that the article is an example of selective journalism. There are many "absolutes" stated in the article (made by the instructor) which I disagree with. It renders the mantra "It's all in the execution" rather obselete. So please drop by.

Yesterday was mom's day. Had breakfast in bed, a couple of darling homemade prezzies from the kids and a couple of bought ones too that dh and girls bought for me. One was a microdermabrasion kit. Tried it last night. I was shocked. Once I was done, my face was as smooth as a baby's bottom. My friend Joyce asked if I'll look 22 by Friday. I highly doubt it, but I am impressed.

Anyway we're getting in the van after church. Church by the way was a blast. I played piano with K's mom (our music director) and it was fun...we also did a gospel number for our anthem and it was very cool. Anyway the girls had picked some blossoms for me. We're in the van, and dd2 says, "Mummy, Mother Nature gives us presents every day!"

I thought that was extremely cute.

Now, writing wise I'm longing to write something new. I know it's so not going to happen for a while though. Saturday night I took a night off and watched Wimbledon. I love that movie. I got a little inspired but also a little concerned about my edits. Or maybe a lot concerned. It is simply a case of me doubting myself. What if I'm not doing this right? I mean right now it's making sure pronouns agree and deep POV, but I'm still thinking, Am I missing spots? Am I not changing enough? Too much???? A part of me, a small part that only sticks its head out rarely, is wondering if my editor will change her mind and realize she made a mistake contracting me!

I just need to work through it, send them along, and start on the next set. I've ordered a couple of books for research which should be here in a week or two. Those are for the next book I'm writing for Samhain. I'm also at a standstill with the ModX. And I have another hero/plot patiently waiting in the wings for when I'll have time for him. Dh has suggested that I take the laptop with me on vacation this summer. I wanted to but was afraid to ask as I thought he'd tell me to relax and just take the time OFF. Honestly, having an hour or two free and clear from housecleaning and dayjob to just sit on the deck in the summer sun, sip on lemonade and WRITE definitely sounds like vacation time to me!


  1. I know what you mean about the editing process, Donna, but editors tend to know what they're doing. It's another step on the learning ladder. Hugs to you!

  2. Donnnnnnnaaaaaa.....your honey is on my bloooooooggggggg.......