Thursday, May 04, 2006

Plusses and Minuses

Ok, is it Plusses or Pluses?

In my defence, I haven't even finished my first cup of coffee yet.

The Flames lost last night. Now it might have been nice if they'd even shown up to play. They were F-L-A-T flat. I actually fell asleep in the third period. And it wasn't even ten o'clock.

Our city is in mourning that our playoff run is done. But there is a good side.

If I have to write at night, it'll be good not to have hockey seducing me away from the laptop.

Nothing else monumental today. Get kids ready for school, write, work, finish laundry, workout, choir practice. Ho hum. Tomorrow we're mixing it up a little. My eldest has an appointment with a specialist in the morning, then I work, then my husband has a "party" of sorts to attend in the afternoon - when a course finishes, they have a pizza and beer graduation thing. The last course was for most of the managers, which was kind of weird. So he figures he'd better go! And then there's groceries.

When that day is is considered "mixing it up" you know you lead a pretty boring life. ;-)


  1. Anonymous7:07 p.m.

    Sorry I asked you if it was children's books -- you seem such a natural to do that.


  2. Oh god! I didn't mean you specifically!

    I just seem to get it SO much that I get a little paranoid, you know?

    Donna, feeling like a first class idiot