Monday, May 08, 2006

Life? What Life?

So here I am, planning to quickly check my mail etc. before starting work - you know, the job with the extra hours for the next seven weeks - and bam! what hits my inbox first round of edits from my editor.

The don't even look all that scary - but they ARE thorough. Really, really thorough. :-) I told my husband not to expect me to be very social in the evenings in the immediate future. Holy crap!

I guess because I'm still waiting for my release date I really wasn't expecting edits so soon. But once they are done, I can send them off and think about the WIP again.

Of course, with just my luck, I'll get a request from M&B this week and end up having to finish the revisions on TBB. Not that I'd complain about the request, mind you. But feeling snowed under is a feeling I should get used to.

OK. Must start laundry, make beds, dry hair and get the rest of my day going....If I don't post here for a day or two you know why...any longer than a week send out the K-9s.


  1. Hugs on the edits, Donna. Glad they aren't too bad. And you have to admit, it's a little exciting too. :-)

    Good luck!

  2. It IS exciting - and a huge learning experience. Last night I was illuminated as to how many occurences I had of "so" "just" "really" and "And then". As well as removing any numbers I'd put in (using the word and not the number) and eliminating any hard tabs. Just that much took over 2 hours.

    Just think how my writing should improve??!!!