Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hard Tabs and Headaches

I have a nasty headache. There could be a number of causes. Needless to say, I came home from work today and immediately took a couple of somethings. LOL But motivation to do any work? Nada. Watched General Hospital and curled up in a chair. 2 loads of laundry are dry but not folded on top of my bed.

Last night I started my edits, over 2 hours worth. They are very enlightening. The good news is that within my whole manuscript, I only had one hard tab. The bad news is that I had to scroll through my whole ms to figure that out. Also I was shocked at my occurrences of "just", "So", "really" and "And then". I deleted or changed probably 90% of them. Tonight I have a few more "seach and destroy" things to take care of and then I can get into the meatier stuff. I can tell though that I'm going to learn a lot from editor-directed edits, things that hopefully I won't do as much in the future.

off to pick up kidlet and then do the work I *should* have been doing this past hour and a bit.

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