Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Dare I post?

I'm not sure if I should even post today. I definitely should minimize my time with the public. That's right, I'm PMS'd in a big way.

Of course there are a few "downers" right now. Like waking up and finding another fish dead in the toxic tank. We've done what we were told and still we have fish dying. Not to worry. Another couple days and the last ones will give up the ghost and we'll get to start all over again.

My CP Trish is going on hiatus for a few weeks. SHe's going to have a blast working on the show circuit, but I on the other hand am going to be LOST without her to bounce ideas off of. We talk *nearly* every day, so it's gonna be weird. Part of my evil plan is to finish the draft of this ms while she's gone and then hit her with the whole 40k plus that she hasn't seen yet the moment she gets back. ;-) Nevermind the deadline that SHE has.

On to another topic and one I encourage you to comment on in my comments section just cuz I wanna know.

When anyone finds out I'm a writer, 95% of the time they ask about my children's books. They just assume that I write children's books. So often that it's actually starting to freak me out just a little. Sort of one of those "if one more person assumes I write children's books I'm going to scream!" things. This happened to me yesterday. Then when I explained that no, I write romance, she looked all disappointed and said "I hear romance is the easiest genre to get published. Is that true?"

I gritted my teeth. Now if I hadn't been PMS'd this *may* have been funny. Oh my god. Another one for the "Can't you just zip one off, send it away and become incredibly rich" school of thought. I said, as politely as I could, that the average was 6-7 years and that it had taken me four and a half.

It is one of the things as writers I know we have to accept and deal with. Even after knowing I've sold, there are people I know who still consider my writing a "hobby". I think because I work at home they think I can just reorganize my schedule around them. Oh well, big deal if I miss a day. But if I suggested they just miss a day at work....there are always going to be people who don't consider this work or think that it is easy. Which is why I'm eternally grateful for the internet and the connections I've made with other writers.

Of course this could all be PMS which means in 3 days I should probably come back in and delete this post for the hormonal rambling that it is. LOL

Oh and one last thing....GO FLAMES GO! Game 7 goes tonight....


  1. ((((Donna)))) did hide the body, right? hehehehehe

  2. ((Donna))

    What a nitwit. But you know, it's really easy for someone who isn't even willing to submit a book they've written to say it's easy for someone to get pubbed in romance. Maybe you should suggest she try to break into the industry that way. Then tell her to sub to Mrs. Snark :-)

    Hope you feel better soon!