Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Camping and Back to Work

Camping was a blast. We went to Rocky Mountain House. Bear country but incidentally NOT in the Rockies, just "close". We "group" camped- that is, we went with friends of ours and their extended family, most of whom we'd never met. However we instantly felt at home. Felt a little poor as we set up our tent next to the campers and RV's but our screenhouse was a definite hit, especially during a brief shower and at night, playing cards!

It was very dusty and the playground across from our site was cushioned with sand. The kids came back if they were hungry or thirsty and at the end of the day, all you could see were eyeballs, they were so disgustingly dirty (and happy). Yesterday when the van was packed to the hilt, my eldest actually cried because everyone hugged her and she didn't want to come home!

I got sick one night. I think it was the Bailey's and hot chocolate. Now don't go thinking I was a total lush, I only had 2 small cups, but it might just have been too rich. Anyway I was brilliantly ill for about an hour, laid down until 11p.m., then got up, had a bottle of water and watched the last cribbage game. On Saturday the "relatives" looked after all the kids (something they will probably never do again,LOL) while we golfed with our friends. I was spectacularly bad, which you can't really tell from this picture:

Now we're back, a bit more tanned, tired but rested, if that makes sense, and ready to get back to work. I didn't even take any books with me to READ. I took a complete vacation, except that you can't exactly turn your BRAIN off. Now it's back to the grind...and getting some stuff accomplished.

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