Wednesday, May 10, 2006


It's a new disease! Blurbitis!

LOL I made a bit of a crack on the author loop today about requesting cover art...after which my editor sent me a few forms to fill out! Apparently I was supposed to get them earlier but right after I sold there were e-mail and server issues and I never got them!

I get to fill out forms on cover art and for blurbs.

Now the cover art is fun. And especially for AAF since I know what I'd like to see, so filling that one out isn't hard at all. But BLURBS are another animal entirely. Writing blurbs for both books could possibly take me the entire evening. How do you condense a whole premise into 100 words or less, with the hope that it's going to make someone run out and buy it, like they just HAVE to have it?????

The headache is lingering at a lower intensity, but if you hear a loud boom, it's just my head exploding. :-)

Still, each step of this process just makes things a little more surreal and real at the same time. I'm having a ball!


  1. I find writing blurbs tough, so sympathies! Although writing a blurb because your book is going to be published is exciting.

  2. I'm having a ball WITH you! ;-) It's all so exciting getting to hear each monumental step to your success. *big grin*

    Hope the blurbitis clears up easily. hehehe

  3. Blurbs are my number one nightmare.

    I can *completely* sympathise.