Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Lovely Dream and Congrats are Due

I had a lovely dream last night - that I got revisions on TBB. Twenty-three highly detailed pages of revisions, but revisions just the same. And a handful of compliments slips thrown in for future submissions.

There are 2 problems with my dream however. One is that right now it's only the partial that's at M&B. And the second is that the editor's name on the slips and letter was Diana D. Of course that's a complete fabrication of my warped mind. But still, the feeling of it was nice however short and delusional.

Ok, now time for the party portion of the post! (Say that five times fast, I dare ya!) Trish Wylie just received word that she won the Romantic Times Award for Best First Series Romance!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO TRISH!!!!!!

Today I am putting aside all petty hate and jealousy that not only did she SELL her first submission, but it went on to win an AWARD. Instead I'm feeling all sorts of warm and fuzzy thoughts. Why? Because this chick turns herself inside out every time she writes a novel. She works damned hard and like everyone else, the words don't always come out all nice and pretty and perfect on the page.

So Trish, Congrats. Take your award and then take a well-deserved vacation. Just as soon as you send my ms back to me. ;-) Love ya, babes.

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