Monday, April 24, 2006

A Little Bit of Crumpet....

Recently I've taken some good natured, silly teasing about loving men for their "brains". As in making a comment about how a man is hot but how I really like him for his intelligence and sense of humour.

This is also the problem of my current hero, btw. Not so much the brains but he's a "nice guy", or so the heroine thinks. He's also a bad boy with a bit of a tortured past. Her whole argument is that women would notice him more if he changed the package. Then they'd be more willing to see the nice guy underneath. It's making the wrapping attractive, know what I mean?

In all seriousness, I think a lot of women ARE attracted to smarts. When I made the comment mentioned above it was in reference to George Clooney. Sexy as the day is looooong in my opinion. But I absolutely love watching him do an interview. And it's not that he's a rocket scientist or anything...he's curious. He says that he doesn't know if he's smart or not but he asks questions. Yeah you bet he does. And he's got a wonderful self-deprecating sense of humour.

Trish has started a hero database over at her blog and finally got around to putting Jamie Bamber up. Years ago someone put in an article that he was a "nice bit of crumpet". And yes, I think he's hot and built. He's also a great actor in my opinion, and the clincher?

He's not just another pretty face. He has a first class honours degree in Modern Languages from Cambridge. Then he went to LAMDA before getting his Hornblower gig. When he does interviews, he has thoughtful, educated answers.

You know, I think my heroine might just be right after all. If he were ugly as a post I probably would never have cared enough to find out anything more. ;-) And I'm not entirely sure what that says about us as a species either.

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