Thursday, April 20, 2006

Holy Testosterone, Batman

Last night I was late getting home from my meeting, and still had to work out so I hit the weights while my husband flipped through channels on the tv in the basement.

What did he settle on? PINKS.

I'll assume that my readership here is not quite the same demographic as PINKS, so I'll explain a little for those of you who don't know what it is. Basically, 2 teams agree to a drag race. (Actually, a best out of 5). You lose the race, you lose your ride.

Now for the first episode, two things kept me watching. One was the host. Rich Christensen's picture below does not do him justice. He's intense, he's fair, he's in incredible shape. And I discovered while googling pictures, he's got a gorgeous tat on his back.

The second reason I was glued was THIS.

This is the bike that my hero currently is driving. Hot, sleek, powerful, sexy. OMG. I get excited just thinking about cruising around with that much power between my legs. The fact that both contestants drove this particular model (albeit souped up for racing to the tune of a $40k machine) sold me. Neither of these contestants wanted to lose their ride, so the deal was they'd put $5500 into a pot, and buy a base model Hyabusa. The winner got to take the new bike home.

We did watch the drag racing of the next episode, but the bikes were still my favorite. And I'd watch it again just to see Rich handle the hot tempers and frustration of some pretty big, ugly men!

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