Friday, April 21, 2006

Hermits R Us

I have discovered I could very cheerfully become a hermit.

I find lately I resent time I have to spend away from home...meaning meetings, rehearsals, work, running here and there...

My ideal life I would see very few people. People annoy me. Which surprises me because I'm actually quite extroverted. I love getting together with friends and doing something fun. I am comfortable with social situations and am rarely at a loss for something to talk about with someone.

But lately I find I lack the desire to make the effort. I think this is partly due to being very focused recently. I am working harder at this whole writing gig than I've ever worked before. In talking to one of my cp's the other day, I realized that I've critted 5 whole manuscripts and written nearly 4 in the last 11 months - not to mention going back to work part time, having a husband and family and volunteering etc....I resent having to take time away from my work. I don't care about mindless social chatter or inefficient meetings when I could be home either working or spending time with my kids.

I miss having my own in a lot bigger than a postage stamp. My dream is to have a simple, nice house on a few acres of land. Something big enough I can look outside my window and not see the neighbour's garbage bin. Where my kids actually have a yard big enough to PLAY in. Where I could have a garden and some peace and quiet and maybe even a small deck where I could drink coffee and work on a laptop with only the sounds of the birds to keep me company.

See? Hermit.

I crave peace and quiet. And again, I'm pretty sure that's because I'm focused enough now that I do not want distractions.

If I play my cards right, we might be able to manage it in about 10 years. In which case one of my children will be graduating and the other in high school. Oi.

BTW I have hit 20k on my WIP which is where I wanted to be at the end of this week. And the weather has been so gorgeous here that I'm fighting the urge to put it aside and do my spring cleaning and get it out of the way. The house is at a point now where it's driving me crazy. It really needs a thorough scrubbing from top to bottom.


  1. We were separated at birth. Seriously.

    I could very easily become a hermit, too. Like you, I love getting together with friends and fun, social events, but the rest of the time, I'm thrilled if I don't have to go anywhere. I like my space (although I'll like it even more when it's allll mine, but that's moot at the moment).

    I, too, need peace and quiet, and it's definitely in short supply.

    My other problem is that the amount of stuff we have in this house just makes me tired. Combining two households' worth of stuff into one just equals chaos.

    I just keep reminding myself that someday I'll have a neat, clean, uncluttered space to call my own. Until then, I'll suffer. And buy the occasional bottle of Vodka. :D

  2. Me too (about the hermit thing).

    I'm a people person. I've always loved hanging w/ my friends, consider myself very outgoing. Like you, can always find something to talk about w/ someone.

    But lately I don't want to leave my house (gas prices don't help either), I just want to stay home and write or spend time w/ my kids.

    Makes me feel downright unsocial.

  3. I like a balance of hermit-hood (is that a word??) and being social. Too much of one or the other will drive me crazy.

  4. Yes, yes, hermit sounds good, especially after last week!!