Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Go me - a non-writerly post

I've preordered my copy of Battlestar Season 2 from Amazon. It releases next week. :-) How happy am I? SO happy. Now if I could just get my hands on Ultimate Force and Peak Practice...but the Brits are hogging those and I don't have a multi-region dvd player....I also ordered the season one soundtrack. I intend to play it over and over as I beat the tar out of my heavy bag.

The husband and I have renewed our promise to finally drop the last 20 lbs. We lost a bunch three years ago and have since pretty much stayed the same. Since christmas though we've put on a few and then tried several times to get them back off.

Since nothing was making us happy, we went back to the original program we used: Bill Phillips' Body for Life. I tailor the program a bit for our own needs - for example for good old Bill, yogurt is a carb. For me it's a protein. Add some berries and I have a carb and a protein meal. But for the most part, we follow it pretty close.

The workouts really kick your ass. The Cardio is only 20 min which does NOT seem like a lot - but at the end of my intervals I am dripping which is how it should be (it's based on RPE, or rate of personal exertion). And the weight training is not for weenies. You push yourself. Just ask my hamstrings today. I eat and eat and eat and was sure I'd see no difference when I stepped on the scale on Sunday.

I was down 4 lbs.

I love this program because I'm a physical person and enjoy weight training, etc. I threw in 10 min on the heavy bag yesterday just cuz I was frustrated and it felt great. I also love it because I eat every few hours and do not feel deprived. If I get hungry I just look at my watch and know I can eat in an hour or 30 min or whatever....definitely a much more manageable block of time.

Speaking of it's time for my power bar and lots of water....

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  1. I'm not sure you can be a writer and LOSE weight.... I may ahve to check my handbook...

    I'm hoping an hour a day back in the saddle will fix me up again...