Monday, April 03, 2006

Blah, blah, blah

No, that isn't just nattering away. Although I probably will do that today, and eyes will glaze over with boredom...

Blah blah is actually how I feel today.

There are several reasons for this I suppose, number one being the fact that my inconsiderate, *#@holes for neighbours woke me up the last 2 nights in a row. Go ahead and fight. INSIDE. Have a few drinks and a good time. Just do it INSIDE! It's 3 a.m. MOST SANE PEOPLE ARE SLEEPING.

I also am procrastinating from working on the WIP and don't have the energy to figure out why.

Also looked at listings for houses, either nearby or in communities actually outside city limits. Somehow, in the last 6 months house prices have skyrocketed. Last time we checked, we could find a nice house for just over 200k. Right now there is nothing in that particular neighbourhood for under 275. Choke, choke!

Makes me wonder how the average joe can actually afford to live, drive a car, and actually eat. Because my husband has a good salary and we can't afford that. Not even close.

A good bit of news is that I got delivery confirmation on my contracts. At least they aren't stuck in customs any more. And I should have another ms to sub by Wednesday.

Blah, blah. Told ya.

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