Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wake up and Smell the Refund!

Did I actually say we were getting a "nice" refund?

I did the taxes tonight. OMG. I knew it had to be wrong and went over the figures again. I was wrong- but only out a pittance. Our refund this year is simply staggering!

After much rejoicing and cursing in happiness to my cp who miraculously pulled an all nighter, I have resigned myself to it being right. Which means that we are literally at the end of every hole we've dug ourselves. It means we won't have a huge credit card bill after our trip home to see family this summer. It means that we can leave our savings where they are for our trip to Disney World later this year.

Which means right now I'm horribly afraid this isn't real and I'm really jinxing myself. :-)

And makes me want to dig out bills and decide how I'm going to divvy this up. Sad, I know. But I'll probably have to do it if I have any hope of sleeping tonight.

Sweet dreams all!


  1. Yep, that's where our refund is going too. Bills from the general winter, fuel, wood etc etc but it sure will be nice to be all caught up!

  2. Donna, Hi, sorry I'm a bit late on catching up with your positive rejection from HMB. They think your voice is sparky! Fabulous. Hold onto that thought and really work on the conflict, babe, cos THAT is what will sell your book.

    Fingers crossed. Now I know you blog I'll pop in more often...hope to see you over at mine.

  3. Woo Hoo you!!! Now no running out and buying a new house or anything you hear???

    And I'm going to sleep now. Apparantly I *do* need more than four hours a night....

    Flipping deadlines... grumble...

  4. Wow, great news! My refund is taking me to Atlanta.

  5. All right! Isn't that a great surprise? Woo hoo!