Wednesday, March 29, 2006


So I'm working on another ms to send to Samhain. Problem is I really really really need this ms to be 50k. And according to my computer word count, my finished product was sitting at just under 42K.

So how do you add 8k to a manuscript?

I've already gone through and done the emotional depth thing, so it's a matter of deciding what to expand. You can't just add words for the sake of words. THe bits that you put in have to add to the STORY, not just the WORD COUNT. I've spent the last few days working on it and have now added about 3k. Not even half.

What have I done so far? Well, for one I've given them a sexual relationship. In the spots where previously they've turned back from intimacy, I've let them have it. I wanted to do that in the first place and couldn't due to **other guidelines. So we have a hot kiss in the laundry room, some action in front of the fireplace, and a whole lotta dealing with the fallout. I've taken an arc that was only mentioned before and started padding it out. But a lot of these are things that require a light hand, not beating over the head with it. Hence the 3 k and not 8.

I've got a couple of chapters left to go through, add, layer in the expanded level of internal conflict, and then we'll see. I've never been particularly happy with my epilogue, so I may rewrite it. Expand it into a whole chapter rather than 3-4 pages. Then it's off to my cp with her thoughts before I send it along.

Then, and only then, is it back to the WIP. Which I'm really looking forward to.

**guidelines for another publisher, where this ms was originally targeted


  1. Good luck, Donna. Sounds hard, but I'm sure you could come up with the remaining words and send it on in. Definitely a challenge, though.

  2. Hurry up well... cos come the start of the week I plan on having NOTHING ELSE TO DO.....

    You'll be surprised what you can add inside the next two chapters and replacing an epilogue with a chapter would def bring it up if not over the 50k....

    Looking forward to it!

  3. Good luck, Donna! I HATE coming in short.