Thursday, March 02, 2006


I received my rejection for "The Girl Most Likely" in the mail yesterday. When I grabbed the envelope, I could tell it was more than one page. Sad, but true! SO I was very much hoping it was a revision letter.

It wasn't.

I did say a while back though that if I didn't get revisions I would at least settle for a detailed rejection, which I got. My hero was a bit wimpy - good thing they didn't see the first draft. LOL I was very pleased they also gave me page numbers. As well there seemed to be a lack of internal conflict which ultimately was the main factor that made them choose to pass on it.

My CP's get on my case all the time to keep my heroes strong. So that's an area I've been working on. Also I've consciously been working on character driven area I think is much stronger in the new WIP. Neither comment struck me as out of the blue and made a lot of sense.

There were also some compliments. Apparently they enjoyed my characterisation very much and said my voice was "very fresh and sparky". I love that. It's my new thing now. This is me, I'm fresh and sparky. LOL What I took away is that while the story didn't work for them, my writing on the whole DID. Which means I have to hit them with the right story now. I'm hoping The Baby Bargain is that story. On Monday it's time to polish up that partial and print it out. And hit them with the next one.

As solace for my wounds though, I got a fabulous hair cut last night and then stopped and bought myself a new shirt. Nothing better than retail therapy!


  1. Sorry to hear about the rejection but glad to see it hasn't got you beat. :) It's always great to see the positives in any situation...and of course, there's that retail therapy. ;-)

  2. You KNOW you're getting better with each one hon - step by step - thats all it is..


  3. (((D))) Next time. And a fresh voice is what MX wants, so that bodes well for the WIP :)

  4. Sorry about the rejection, Donna, but you're dealing with it brilliantly, you fresh and sparky thing! And you look gorgeous with the haircut and the new shirt darling!

  5. Carol Hutchens10:09 a.m.

    Great to hear the positive comments, Donna. Sorry about the R. Good luck on the next one.


  6. That's great news that they love your writing style, Donna! I shall keep cheering from the sidelines.

  7. {{{{DONNA}}}}

    Wow, that is detailed! Page numbers?