Friday, March 17, 2006

A Productive Week

I have a rough partial.

I never thought I'd churn out over 8 k this week. But after inserting a scene this morning - my pacing was going too fast - there I am. I shuffled another scene to what HAD been the end of chapter three....and voila.

I have to go back through and refine it a little to make sure it makes sense, since I did a fair amount of shuffling, but I've got 45 pages already written on this. The only thing I'm missing is a kiss. I'd wanted to end the partial on a kiss, so as I go through and pad it out with what needs to be there, I could still have it happen. I only have 11 pages in chapter three, and the setup is right, so I can definitely work it in.

If things go well, and I have a productive spring break (no work, no school runs) I am really hoping to have this written by the end of April. That gives me 6 more weeks. I'll polish the partial up and send it, then work on the edits of the balance of the book.

It also means that I should have this done by the time I hear back from M&B in regards to my Romance partial that's there.

Last year I worked harder than I'd ever worked before...and this year I'm upping that even further. I'm even more determined, more motivated. If hard work will get me there, I'm gonna make it.

Of course when my characters decide I'm wrong about something and everything goes sideways, I won't be this upbeat. :-)

Happy weekend everyone, and cheers on this day o' the Green!


  1. Donna,
    The pace you live your life makes me want to go and lie down in a darkened room for a while (grin). Congratulations on the sudden massive word output. Long may it continue.

  2. WTG on the partial! Hope this pacing continues for you. :)