Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Just as the first flush of new-sale bloom has faded, I finally heard from my editor and now it really really feels real.

Should get a release date soon, hear about edits soon, and also I should feel free to send her any fulls I have, directly.

Did anyone misplace 4,385 words? Or do they have any they could donate? LOL

I'm all giddy and silly all over again. GO ME!

Also I'm sending out hugs to my friend Sue who got the big fat ugly R today. It's just not was a revised, revised, full! She is SO going to wow them with her next just really hits home how tough this biz is when you are told you did basically everything right but something didn't quite work.

So Sue, lifting a glass to you, your talent and your perseverance. You ROCK!

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  1. suefromdevon8:13 a.m.

    Donna! I've just seen your post. Thank you so much for your hugs and support! It means such a lot! I'm feeling amazingly upbeat today as I get ready to send the next one.

    Sue Child :)