Monday, March 06, 2006

I love Mondays

I'll probably be shot by poison darts for daring such a title for today's entry. But I do love Mondays.

Weekends are fun and housework gets done and we do cool stuff sometimes like going sliding on Saturday. But I miss my routine. Sad but true. So I love Mondays because it means getting back into my routine and getting stuff DONE.

Today it is of course updating my blog because I've been very lax. We did have computer issues on the weekend which resulted in much cursing and grumbling by my dh and got resolved by performing the dreaded "format c:" function. LOL. He did manage to get my basics back on and running before he left for the week.

Next up is polishing up my partial and getting it ready to send. I have chapters to crit ASAP for one of my CP's and meeting minutes to type. All of which won't get done today but I WILL get a darn good start on things. With the dh away it means no fighting for pc time and less to do around the house...which translates into me having more time to get these sorts of things done.

I'm also doing taxes this week. Shoot me now. I'd procrastinate if I didn't already know that we're getting a good sized refund. :-)

Off to polish, polish and print! Nothing like getting back up on the horse....

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