Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I Feel Lucky!

But I feel lucky, oh oh oh, I feel lucky, yeah
No tropical depression gonna steal my sun away
Mmmmm, I feel lucky today

For some reason as I was leaving the post office today this song popped into my head...and I haven't listened to Mary Chapin Carpenter in YEARS!

But I do feel lucky today. I mailed my partial, gave the envelope a quick "genie-rub" for luck and passed it to the post lady. Picked up my tax forms, grabbed a chocolate macadamia nut coffee, 2 litres of milk and bought a lotto ticket for tomorrow night.

Why? Cuz I feel lucky.

Can't tell you why, but there it is. And when you feel lucky it's a good time to take chances.

I'll feel less lucky when I'm sitting in the dentist chair this afternoon. :-)

But, I'll feel MORE lucky when I do our taxes up tonight because I know we're getting a very nice refund. :-)

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