Thursday, March 23, 2006

Battlestar and Boots

Ok so I posted long ago about last week's Battlestar Galactica episode...and said it deserved a post of its own.

I love this show. I know some don't because they don't like Sci Fi or whatever, others won't watch just because it's Battlestar Galactica (dudes, it's so far departed from the 80's you really should get over it and watch one episode). And I know a few people who stopped watching.

One in particular I think stopped watching for the very reason I love it.

It asks the hard questions. Questions about religion and morality and human relationships that have no black or white answer. It's edgy and dark and complicated.

I will admit that I wasn't super happy with the beginning of this season. I mean, it was all right but it seemed that RDM was more concerned with tying up all the loose ends of last wasn't until Final Cut that the series seemed to MOVE on. But this week - this week I was reminded WHY I love BSG SO MUCH.

Pegasus Part One. A new Battlestar, a heartless Admiral, cruelty towards prisoners, (cylons, but that's the doesn't matter who the enemy is, some things are just WRONG)dissension within the military, protestations of was all there. I spent the epidode on the edge of my chair, either with my hands on my head or saying, "Oh, Frak!" (The BSG equiv. of the F word). FABULOUS. Here we are with a handful of humans left and the episode ends with vipers from both Battlestars flying out AGAINST each other....

In honour of it - a pic....

And now on to the boots segment - much shorter but in looking at various pics I have to say that this guy wears the best boots....

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