Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentines and Progress

Since I seem to forget to do this ALL THE TIME, Here is our little bouncing buddy....

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. We had decided not to do anything this year, it is our 14th together and we never did do big stuff anyway. But yesterday he came home from work with a pink gift bag. Inside was a jewellers' box. And inside that was a beautiful diamond-studded cross on a gold chain.

A few weeks ago we were waiting for passport pics to be developed and were browsing around the mall. We popped into a few jewellery stores and I casually mentioned that I found this necklace quite pretty (and reasonably priced). Never in a million years thought he'd go back and buy it, but he did and it's lovely.

However I had nothing for him, so I'm going to have to make good on his birthday in a few weeks!

My CP sent back 5 chapters today. The first I fixed substantially, the other ones had fewer comments which is good because I already liked where they were heading. Anyway I got all 5 pretty close to where I want them. At the end this whole ms will need one final tweaking edit. All I have left now is the last 10,000 words. I should have no problem making my word count. Tomorrow is dedicated to beginning those last chapters and having a look-see at Michelle's latest chapters which I'm SO looking forward to!

All in all life is good. Now off to lab for blood test - I'm being put on the bone marrow donor list.

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