Tuesday, February 14, 2006

News of a sort

I have news...of a sort. Just enough to up my anxiety level to Orange if we go by the US homeland security alert colours. LOL

I e-mailed M&B this morning, as it has been slightly over a month since I last heard anything. I received a reply within 10 minutes. Stating that my ms was being assessed "as we speak" and that I should hear "very shortly".

Oh my poor stressed heart and frayed nerves.

I know that very shortly could be 2 hours, 2 weeks or 2 months. Please god don't let it be 2 months. I'll have a heart attack by then.

Now, for someone who has REAL news, Michelle Styles got a 2-book contract today! I'm so happy and proud! See Michelle you did not suffer any form of the sophomore jinx!

(Shameless plug) It is titled A Noble Captive and will be out late this year in hardback and early next in paperback in the UK. I LOVE this book. Buy it.


  1. My fingers are crossed firmly for you.

    And yes, I know you said they would buy it, but I still worried. Many thanks for all your help.