Monday, February 20, 2006

Blurb Writing

Blurb writing is like a paper cut compared to synopsis writing which is like a stab wound. Both painful, one just a lot smaller than the other.

I suck at both, incidentally.

And today I will probably start my synopsis for The Baby Bargain (new title for the WIP). In preparation, I thought I'd write a 2 line blurb to go with my tag line on e-harl. This is what I came up with.

"What happens when a rancher at the end of his rope meets Alex, pregnant, alone and down to her last dollar? A bargain – but will it solve their problems or make things even more complicated?"

Suckage. Totally. But they say you get better with practice, so I'm sure other versions will follow...the scary thing is I can't write 2 snappy lines, and I have to come up with 2 PAGES! LOL

Of course, I could always procrastinate and instead do some character workups for my next ms.

Did any of you watch Grey's Anatomy last night? McSteamy (Mark) is smoldering hot. He is SO going to be a hero in a later ms. Just not this one. He won't fit. But there's a place for him somewhere....somewhere he can really use those eyes. And be damned if he won't have a dirty mistress.....(you had to have seen the show to get that).


  1. Of course when you sell, the editor writes the back copy and so it won't matter so much.
    Concentrate on getting the hooks in.

  2. I was all into McSteamy, too. YUM!

    Good luck on the sucknopsis!

  3. Well, Michelle, that's a relief!

    However blurb writing can come in handy, especially if you're planning to pitch your story to someone! I think it's a valuable thing to practice, anyway.