Monday, January 09, 2006's a writing-based post!

I'm sitting at my desk. YAY ME! I know I have the best job in the world (even if it is as of yet unpaid) because I was so excited to get back to it that I could hardly sleep last night! And when I did sleep I had outrageous dreams. One being that I received a request for revisions today. LOL. It's 7 a.m. and so far I've checked my messages, sent back a crit to one of my cp's, and e-mailed both M&B and Avalon on the status of my submissions. I sent my full to M&B in late August and Avalon, well, they've had one full since September of 2004 and the other I sent Dec. 12.

My ms is waiting for me, but before I get to it I have to say what a pleasure it was for me to crit the novel I did yesterday. My cp is multi-pubbed but wrote this one for a different line and it was amazing. At times I laughed out loud...lots and lots of times. And twice I damn near cried. How does she do that? I think she was also worried about the sensuality level as well...but she did just fine. More than fine. The sex was great. I thought I was going to need a cigarette.

Now. Now I have to go back to my own WIP and I know for the first bit I'm just going to think that everything is flat. Damn you! Damn you to hell!

Aw, you know I don't mean it. :-)

I do have a sad P.S. to add today though. I found out yesterday that another one of our students at the school has died. Also in grade one but in a different homeroom. He was in a car accident on the way to celebrate Christmas with family. I didn't know him personally but I know OF him and I know his dayhome provider. This lady loves her kids terribly, she's got to be completely devastated.

So if you could, send out a little prayer for his family too who must miss him so very much.

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  1. (((Hugs))) Donna on the little boy. ANY child dying is a horrible thing and I really feel for the parents! What a sad time Christmas will be for them for a few years now... Just awful!

    And GREAT NEWS that you're back at the desk! Bout time I say! Now stop reading the comments on your blog and DO SOME WORK!