Thursday, January 05, 2006

Yes, I'm still alive

It's been busy, and I don't get much pc time when my husband is home, so this is just a fly-by posting. Getting lots of odd jobs and stuff done this week though, which is good because next week, boy, I'm hitting the WIP with a vengeance.

I got Donald Maass's WRiting the Breakout Novel workbook in the mail a few days ago. I loved the book and ordered the workbook on my cp's advice. I also got a great cd which is gearing up to be the soundtrack for my next WIP. I can hardly wait to get back at it.

Had a great New Year's too. Visited friends, ate mexican and played darts. Enjoyed it so much that we went out and bought a dart board and the husband is routinely kicking my ass. All junk food is out of the house and we're back to eating normally and working out, and I'm feeling better already.

But I really, REALLY can't wait to get working again.

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