Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A whole bunch of bull....but it's fun!

Ok. Please excuse any typos in following post.

I'm half-or maybe 3/4- snockered on a half bottle of mediocre shiraz. Dh is out so I've treated myself to an hour of Il Divo Dvd's and now have BSG's latest episode playing in the background. Had a cool chat with Kris Starr tonight and am sitting here basking in my own brilliance.

Hell yeah I'm brilliant. So what if reality will set in tomorrow. For now I rule. I'm a writer, dammit. An ARTIST. I'm gonna keep plugging on until I make it. People have FAITH in me. Yeah baby!

Well hell, if I can't be my own cheerleader, it's a sad day. So what if it takes 14% alcohol and some fine tenors to get me primed. I'm good to go. I know I can do long as I keep working hard. And I've been working hard the last year. I like to believe it shows. And one'll make a difference.

Note to self - bookmark this post for when Mr. Self Doubt and his most annoying relative visit again.

Anyway, because I was funny enough to make someone spew tea on their monitor (probably figuratively speaking) tonight, I'm a gonna post a few pics in her honour...well and for my own perverse entertainment as well.

First, T, this is for you. LegolURS. Sorry but I just liked it more than Orli.

Then, because I like a man in leather with lots of power between his took me 23 pages of gallery to find this picture, oh the sublime tortures of research....

And finally, the man behind the leathers.....

Have a nice day. Lucid, sober remarks to follow...after strong coffee tomorrow. :-)


  1. I think I've only posted while schnockered once. I try not to do that, simply because it would be way too easy for me to say things I'd regret later. :)

    However, next time, let me know if you're imbibing, and I'll pour myself a snort, too.

    Those piccies are luverly. Not only is Urs magically delicious, but he can SING. That's a one-two combo for me that's truly unfair, 'cause hot, singing men turn me to Jell-o.

    Ahem. Where was I? Oh, yes -- you *are* brilliant, Donna. So next time Mr. Self Doubt shows up, kick him in the nuts. That'll learn 'im. ;)

  2. Oh Donna, I was cracking up at your first line! Good for you and who cares if it takes a little medicinal drinking to get us thinking that way every once in a while!