Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Status of my Manuscript

I've heard.

Not that it's earth shattering news, but I can stop accosting my mail lady for a few weeks.

The editor that has my ms is swamped- no shock there. But she has said she will get to it within the next few weeks and that if I haven't heard anything within four weeks to e-mail back again.

If I can somehow subliminally implant thoughts in her brain, I'll be getting a request for revisions. Fingers crossed that I can be even a little clairvoyant. :-)

I haven't heard anything back from Avalon, but that's no shock. I see a phone call on Monday. See? I CAN predict the future!

AND, I finally found pics of my upcoming hero. Normally not my type, but I have a basic plot in mind. You see this is going to be a ModX, which means more steamy. More flirty. And a great line jumped out at me one day....something about bad boys getting all the action.

My hero is a graphic designer with an advertising firm...and he's damned good at his job. But he doesn't get a lot of notice. He's a nice guy. Sort of a "behind-the-scenes" type person. It takes a friend...a good point out that he needs to revamp his image a bit to get some action. Little does she know that she's letting a tiger out of the cage.....

ANYWAY, here is my favorite pic so far.... Urs Buhler. God bless the Swiss is all I can say.


  1. He makes me salivate. Yum.

    Good news from the editors, doll. I'm certain you'll be hearing something excellent soon.

    Every possible body part crossed for you...

  2. I'm commenting here too, because I don't know if you go back and read after you've commented on other blogs --

    I adore you, dearest, but I'm going to tattoo my pseudonym on your forehead. ;)