Monday, January 30, 2006

Perfect timing and feeling stupid

Yesterday I was slotted to sing a solo in church. Our minister is on study break so an elder was doing the sermon. He is a fantastic preacher by the way. So the idea is when he says this quote from Ephesians, the pianist will softly play my song through once. By the end, he'll be done and I'll come in. And he wants me to sit right in the choir pew, with a mic. Very low key. More about the sound rather than the visual performance (which is absolutely fine with me, LOL).

Sounds good, right? Pianist's 2 yr old daughter is sitting with me since dad and big sisters are home. During the sermon the pianist sits with us. Then her daughter gets a foot caught in her blanket. I try to free it - and succeed in actually pulling the blanket out from underneath her, she goes down smack on her bottom, and whacks her head on the back of the pew.

Bottom lip quivers, face scrunches up, and she starts to cry just as the preachers guessed it...."Ephesians".

I have to admit the pianist and I shared an "oh crap" look. But I snuggled her daughter, kissed her head, and stroked her hair while her mom started playing the song. If I stopped rubbing, she'd whimper so I just kept my hand busy while holding the mic in the opposite hand. And we got through the song just fine.

I did feel rather stupid though since it was all my fault. :-(

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