Wednesday, January 18, 2006


After urging from one of my cp's, I called Avalon again.

Apparently my 17 month sub was rejected - only they didn't send me the letter. LOL

I can laugh because that was my 4th manuscript. I am on my 10th. I know how much my writing has grown in the 2 years since I wrote it. It probably deserved that R. And they have a brand spanking new full on their desks now that is so much better. So this R doesn't upset me - I'm just glad to know one way or the other.

Carol, if you're out there, you might want to check on your long sub. Maybe your letter go lost in the shuffle too???? Or maybe they're saving it up for your second sale?


  1. Rats, Donna. {{{HUGS}}}

    But you've sure been busy!

  2. Hey, Donna. You're doing it right though - writing and submitting, keeping your work out there.

    Now if only I could write that fast! :)