Friday, January 20, 2006

The Great Spelling Debacle

First of all a quick note - I got a short story rejection yesterday. I'm on a roll! Wonder what news I'll hear today? :-)

My eldest had her practice spelling bee on Wednesday. Only she didn't get to participate because she didn't make it through the written test part from the day before. She was crushed, and I was shocked. I know it may sound like I don't think she can do anything wrong, but this is SPELLING. In the last year and a half she's missed ONE WORD on all her spelling tests combined. The written part was I couldn't believe others got through and she didn't.

I was on supervision on the playground and she was crying her little eyes out, so we had a chat, and her coach came over to talk to us. She thought it was a bit strange as well so she said she would check right after lunch and if there had been an error she'd correct it. I told my daughter that if there wasn't, that sometimes things just don't go our way, but that it's worth looking into.

Turns out one of the teachers who'd marked them hadn't turned in 6 tests - and hers was one. She had a perfect score. So as a result she gets to participate in the final bee today, on the stage in the gym. She's very nervous and excited! The teacher that forgot to hand them in apologized all over herself yesterday but it was an honest mistake and it all turned out, I think she felt bad because my daughter was so upset about it. My daughter puts way too much pressure on herself....I'm constantly having to remind her to obsess less and have more fun! Which is a bit weird, I'll admit.

So today's motto is "go and have fun". We'll see how that turns out!

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  1. So how did your daughter do? I'll bet she won!! She sounds very intelligent.